Meaningful Keepsakes....

Hey guys, someone asked me today what I thought father's would like for Father's Day as a remembrance of their child that died. Anyone have suggestions? Are there some of you who would rather not have that acknowledged? If so, maybe share why it would be hard. Thanks!


  1. It is an uncomfortable topic ... the greatest gift I could receive on Fathers day would be an acknowledgement of my sons very short life. Really it would be no more than a "hi Dave .. thinking of you and your son on this day"

  2. Can't agree with the first comment more, except to say insert my son's name instead of "your son". For some reason it is very important to me for people to know his name, Henry.

  3. I will say that my first reaction when asked the question was exactly what you are saying -- remember her and mention her by name. Seems like a fairly simple answer, but one that many people wouldn't be comfortable with unless they heard it from people like ourselves who have lived it. I appreciate your willingness to share.

    My hope is that this site will not only be a place for dads to open up, but also a place where others can learn and grow. This is a perfect of example of how that can work.

    Thanks again.


  4. Totally agree with all comments.

  5. I love it when people recognise that I have TWO children and that Abigail deserves equal focus to my son.

    My son gave me a mug on Father's day that he painted. It had his name on it and HIS sister's. My wife organised it but I love it! I get to drink coffee from it every morning and let people see her name each time