For Those Who Post On This Blog

I keep forgetting to post this, but wanted you to know that there will often be a delay between when you write something for the blog and when it shows up. I have it set so that all posts have to be moderated by me. I know there are disadvantages to that, but on our A Place To Remember bulletin board, we have had some very disrespectful things written by people either wanting to challenge someone's actions/beliefs or attempting to be funny.

Posts do show up on my phone (most of the time) so I am usually aware of them fairly soon. I just don't want you to think what you wrote has been lost. Thanks!


How do you escape from your grief? We all know that it can be overwhelming at times and it's only natural to seek ways to get away from it. Some feel guilty for trying to take a break. Others run fast and try to never look back.

What positive things have you done to bring yourself some relief from your pain? What have you done that you know was not the healthiest way to go about it? Where is that middle ground where you achieve that much deserved relief, without having your behaviors be hurtful or damaging to your relationship?

Remember that you can be anonymous here and I can assure you there is little I haven't already heard or done myself. Thanks!


Following a crisis in our lives, it is not unusual to look back and wish we had done things differently. Maybe it was something that was said to a spouse or partner that was insensitive or misinterpreted. Maybe it was rushing the time that you were able to spend with your baby. Or, maybe it was making the choice not to take pictures and now wishing you had.

The bottom line is, all any of us can do when living in crisis is to simply make the best decisions possible at the time. When our world feels like it's crashing down around us, it only makes sense that the things we choose might not be the same as those we would under different circumstances. In the midst of deep grief, it's easy to get caught up in the regrets and think about them to the point of driving ourselves crazy. If our partner in any way seems to be holding those decisions against us, the situation is ripe for a lot of pain and misunderstanding.

I would like to know if any of you have experienced significant regrets and what you did to be able to move on. I can share some of my own experiences, but would like to hear from you first. Thanks!