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Matt Wallace recently posted on this blog and mentioned a project that he and his family are working on in memory of their daughter, Nevaeh. She was a beautiful little girl that brought much joy to their lives and Matt and his wife Jamie are trying to build a playroom in her memory at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin where she was cared for. Spread the word and hopefully we can help them "move that mountain."

Because this hospital is located in Wisconsin, it reminds me of another great place for grieving families that is also located in that beautiful state. If you haven't heard of Faith's Lodge, go to and learn more about this wonderful retreat center that makes it very affordable for families to get away and replenish their hearts.

The holidays are over, it's January, and it's cold

(at least in Minnesota)

So, how did everyone do over the holidays? Did you learn anything that might be helpful for those having to face a future holiday? Did any of the sage advice that was given out in this blog turn out to be hogwash (at least for you)?

While it's still fresh in your mind, I would appreciate you sharing your thoughts, successes, and disappointments.

While you're at it, how are you coping with the post-holiday crash? Relieved? Sad? If you live in a place like Minnesota, winter can be a beautiful time to enjoy the snow and cold. But because of the length of the season in a place like this, it can also feel daunting to know that it will be several months before you can easily enjoy the outdoors and longer days. Let us know how you are doing and if you have any plans to make this time as positive as possible.