Grief and social media

It seems that social media is affecting nearly everything these days, including how we grieve. We recently started a Facebook page for A Place To Remember and it's a daily challenge to know what kinds of things to post -- what is helpful? what is too much? what is just plain silly? There is no doubt that it is a changing world technologically and even less doubt that it will continue at a rapid pace.

If you are willing, let me know what you think works and what does not work as far as providing the best avenues for communicating about your grief. Whether it is how I (and you ) use this blog, a Facebook page, Twitter, or some other new fangled "app" that I likely have not even heard of yet, I would like to know what you think!

It's 2011, and what better time is there to start acting like I know what is going on with all this stuff! Thanks!!


  1. Hi Tim ,Happy New Year !

    I admire your effort to reach out to everyone in need in the most efficient and " modern " way .
    For me blogging has been the key to healing and I am so thankful I live in times where its possible to get so much support on the internet .I have made friends that I have kept the contact with since summer 2009 after I had my first miscarriage .We are five woman that follow eachother and support eachother even if most of us havent met in real life.
    We live in different parts of the world ( I live in Sweden and the rest of the group in US ) and would never have met if it wasnt for the internet .I consider it a huge gift to have met them.
    Personally I dont use Twitter or even facebook so much but I think its different for everyone and different people use different media .
    I want to thank you for blogging and answering to posts as it has helped me to understand my husband better .You have a gift to be able to express yourself and what you went through after your loss.My feeling is that many men dont want to talk about their loss and it leads to a lot of frustration in the relationship.
    I have felt so lonely with my grief so many times because my husband wont spontanously open up and talk about his feelings but through your blog I have came to understand that it can be like this and it has made it more bearable even if its not easy.I push him to speak sometimes and then I understand that he has feelings too...Hm this sound very hard but him not talking about it makes me sometimes think he has a heart of stone but when I read your blog I undertood this is just his coping mechanism .
    Maybe you and my blog- firends have saved our marriage ?
    Thank you for being here and sharing your experience , you do make a difference !

    Best wishes / Angie

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  3. My marriage ended, nearly 3 years aftet the passing of my twin wife was on social media pages, and facebook so didnt need me or want to share our greif. pictures of my little boys were taken shortly after they died and without my knowledge or consent she posted them on fb and other pages..i I guess in a way its helped me see her other deceitful trates and and leave memories of that day will be with me forever!

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