Let me know what helps...

Since starting this blog, I've had some discussions with other dads about what they might find helpful in an online support resource like this blog. Several have mentioned that, while they use the internet for lots of things, they are somewhat uncomfortable using it for sharing feelings. I completely understand that and know that there will be varying opinions as to how people feel.

Do you have any suggestions as to what kind of discussion or format we might use on this blog that would feel safe and therefore make it easier to participate? I want this to be what is most helpful to the majority of you, so let me know! Thanks!


  1. How about using the free chat and bulletin board at Ability Online? They can setup private communities if an appropriate one doesn't yet exist. They are greatly updating their tools. Here is more info on our blog with Michelle's contact info:


    Michelle she can confirm if such a community already exists or can start a free private space. Dad peer support and supporting parents and siblings is also an area of research interest for Sickkids social workers Dr David Nicholas and Laura Beaune (Palliative Care research lead).

  2. Hi ... I would be interested to hear if others feel that having the bulletin board would be helpful. If one does already exist, we can certainly link to it somehow so that it is an option for everyone to explore. As you can see, getting dads to respond on this blog is not easy, so it's possible that would be a better format. Let me know what you think!?